the fat cat (mrow)
in dallas
basically everything in this store was made to rob me of my monies$$$
impeccable, every inch.
walking down memory lane and coming to terms with all the times i’ll never get back.
first pumpkin pie of the season. with my usual milk tea
been baking a lot recently and consuming  milk tea like theres no tomorrow.
red cardigan + polka dot pants + minnie mouse ears
“how is this different from what you wear everyday?”
made spicy uni cream pasta for dinner even though i shouldnt eat anymore today after everything ive consumed..
my bi-weekly treat.  scooping the cream from the top of my straus milk and putting it on toast with my homemade jam from summer!  
just a heads up

my DSLR and everything else that was in my luggage was stolen out of my friend’s car couple of weeks ago in Oakland while my friend and I were enjoying freaking delicious dinner at Burmese Superstar (order the Tea Leaf Salad and coconut rice).  So.. even more iPhone photos until further notice.

but hey, it’s October.  you know what that means(!).

cute couple in a cute cafe in garosugil
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